Neon Empty, Rapper

Contradiction, wordsmith, double race traitor, elitist trailer trash, Vancouverite.

The Neon Empty Story

Neon Empty, as a human and a pair of words, is a contradicition.Neon Empty is an elitist Vancouverite born in a trailer park.Neon Empty despises the churches, patriarchy, and late-stage capitalism he spent so long helping to build.He is M├ętis, yet deeply disconnected from his culture by virtue of having no parents and little family.The only way Neon Empty can deal with all of this internal chaos is through words. Usually against a sick beat.

Music Videos

All I Know
Directed by Neon Empty

Coma Ghost
Directed by Neon Empty

Red Lives Don't
Directed by Kuba Wiatrak (@vaguedeep)

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